Why reclaiming your imagination and intuition matters

Carolina Chanis
2 min readFeb 26, 2022

In yesterday’s post I was talking about trying to live when we become disconnected from our imagination and intuition. Our sense of self is all over the place.

We are looking at the world in quiet horror and coming up with socially acceptable reasons to enjoy being on this dumpster fire of a planet.

The reason why nothing fills, nothing feels good enough, and we feel like it is our duty and our burden to keep threading water is because we insist that we can DO things to take us back to that state of “wholeness”.

We search for the career. The certification. The job. The family. The business that will give us purpose.

How’s that working for you?

I was lucky. I got NONE of the things I was chasing. I found my way out when I hit my rock bottom.

That’s when the real work began.

The path to feeling whole, worthy, enough is internal. I’ve said it before, this is why counting your blessings has a limited effect. We have become too good at tricking ourselves with these external things, but we will never become so good that we can convince ourselves that the void in our hearts doesn’t exist.

Something magical happened when I started to drop my masks.

I recovered my capacity to DREAM. I remembered what it was like to listen to my intuition AND follow it. I realized that I wasn’t broken…but I needed to INTEGRATE all parts of me. I finally dropped the story that WHO I AM IS WHAT I DO.

The liberation that follows is the thing that will lead you to your gold.

As long as we are disconnected from our inner world of imagination, intuition, and emotions, we will always be living someone else’s story.

The “not enoughness” persists because you are playing a role that is not you.

That’s nice…but how do you get there?

Part 3 drops tomorrow.

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