The case for the Rebel Princess: we are all Her

Carolina Chanis
2 min readMar 8, 2022

Millennial women need a new princess. We are not waiting to be saved. We are not waiting for our prince.

We are cursed. We have an outer shell that looks like empowerment and independence, and on the inside we are hoping for a picture perfect, fairy tale ending.

We are gaslit. We are told that the world is our oyster, the battle has been won, but we also find it really hard to just speak up and take up space…and it is somehow 100% our fault because it’s all in our heads. Our weak, dumb, broken heads.

Some of us rebel against all this. Others momentarily forget to keep pushing back, until something forces them to remember.

Our rebelliousness helps us get some parts right — but there’s always a ball that we drop. In my case, it was everything to do with money, career, work. I’ve always worked, but I’ve been burned out, underpaid, undermined, underestimated…you get the picture.

This is why we need a princess, so she can reflect back to us the ways that we are stuck. Maybe she should be an ANTI-princess, so that language forces our brains to see her for what she is. She is all the parts of us we would like to bury.

We need this anti-princess figure, so we can trace our path from princess to queen.

You think Beyonce was “born” this way?

She created herself. And that’s what all women need to do. You need to create yourself. Women have to give birth to their Queen selves. But, how can you embody the so-called QUEEN energy if your inner self is the unhealthy expression of the princess?

This is why we need her. We’ve been ignoring that she exists, because she is nasty. We are ashamed of her.

We want to jump straight into Beyonce’s skin without doing the work to get there.

This is the thing I’m building. The container so we can molt, shed those layers, get dirty, and finally save our fucking selves.

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