Carolina Chanis

“My weakness is being a perfectionist”

Colombia’s President had the gall to say during an interview that his biggest defect was being a perfectionist.

Hold my drink. One of the biggest idiots in Latin American politics is claiming MY label? Are we buddies now? Should we follow each other on Twitter?

I’m not surprised though.

Who hasn’t used perfectionism as a politically correct answer to the lamest HR question of all time?

HR: “Tell me about your weaknesses”

Me: “Oh I’m a bit of a perfectionist but being aware of it keeps me from being a total neurotic mess tee-hee”


I’ve understood why this is a safe answer — no one is going to be upset that you work too hard. As long as you keep your self-loathing, panic attacks and insecurities in your private sphere, you will be praised for being a “high achiever”. It doesn’t matter if this comes at the expense of your mental and physical health and your personal relationships.

Keep producing, keep winning, we’ll take your coping mechanism and exploit it. They really don’t care that you work to death because you’ve got a pit in your soul that cannot be filled — that’s on you to figure out on whatever scrap of spare time you got.

I don’t blame anyone who has used perfectionism to get out of that asinine question. It’s a win-win. They get your external-validation-seeking self, and you get the job title you thought would make you feel complete.

Except for Duque. Fuck that guy. 👎

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