Lessons learned after I failed to become unfuckwithable

“Work on your mindset”, they said. Thousands of dollars and hours later, I barely made a dent to have that unstoppable, wining mindset.

Eventually, I understood the gaps in my thinking that had set me up for failure before I even started.

Your mindset does not need fixing

You need to have a success mindset before you see results

Do the work to truly enjoy the process and love yourself right where you are at (even if “now” is a dumpster fire).

“I just need to do Marie Forleo’s morning routine”

Do you know why that works for (insert favorite motivational guru)? Because it is what works FOR THEM.

You do you. Figure out which rituals, habits and practices help you. If it feels like work, it’s probably not for you (or not for the person you are right now). You don’t have to fast, wake up at 5 am, journal for 1 hour, or dunk yourself in an ice bath.

By all means, follow your curiosity! But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t force yourself to like it!

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Carolina Chanis

I write about the emotional courage it takes to start a thing…from the lens of an extreme perfectionist