Carolina Chanis

I’ve been focusing on one thing for the past month and a half. Can I wake up and carry on with my day as someone who believes she is worthy?

I am glad to report that for the most part I have, and even on the days where I feel…

I am typing this after watching the movie Roadrunner.

I met Anthony Bourdain once, he was on tour and did a show in Vancouver. …

The Queen from Alice in Wonderland asking the writer “Who do you think you are?”

I’ve got an assortment of demons that have kept me from opening an account on Medium (or just taking up writing and publicly sharing my work). They go by several names. Perfectionism. Impostor syndrome. Depression. Procrastination!

Sometimes it’s necessary to sit with the demons until you heal. But there are…

Carolina Chanis

Your next-door impostor girl, building the courage to be disliked. 100% facetious. Embracing the irrational, chancla-esque parts of myself so I can die empty.

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